What Do Mums Do All Day?

Before you had children, didn't you think motherhood looked so much easier than people made out? (naive!!!) We never knew what all the fuss was about until our own bundle of joy arrived. 

Some days you don't even know what you have done with the time. We often find ourselves chasing our tails, constantly tidying the house and quite frankly keeping the baby from hurting itself & trying to remain sane at the same time. We thought we would break it down, mainly for the dads who seem to think we have it easy and YES, you’re  wrong babes.. to us, going to work is now a break!


When you don't have time to cook, let Annabel Karmel do it for you

We often find ourselves having so much to do around the house that we sometimes just don't have time to cook healthy, nutritional meals for our babies. One of the reasons we love Annabel Karmel’s ready to eat meals, is because they taste so fresh and don't make us feel guilty for shoving something in the microwave. They are all freshly made and are so yummy, we often find ourselves finishing them off...

The meals are available at Tesco stores, Morrison's, Sainsbury's, Asda, Ocado, Whole foods, Iceland , Ikea.  


The Sh*t No One Talks About - Our Uncensored Podcast

We're sick and tired of living in this picture perfect world where people feel as though they can't be honest about what really goes on. Not just in motherhood, but in life. Nothing and no-one is perfect and motherhood is a good place to start. There's so much pressure on us to fit the "Instagram worthy mum" stereotype and the truth is, there is no such thing! 

On our uncensored podcast we cover everything from your relationship with your partner after babies, absolutely crapping yourself when you brought the baby home from the hospital, anxiety as a new mum, sleep deprivation and much more. 

What we love about podcasts is you can listen when you're driving, loading the dishwasher, getting ready to go out, feeding your baby or having some "me time" so we hope you enjoy and that  they make you feel a little more human! 

Sophie & Holly x


Would you accept the hardest job in the world?

Pre babies, our lives were totally full on, but in a totally different sense. We both had high flying careers, with long hours,plenty of partying, late nights, and spontaneous trips abroad. We were exhausted, drained, pretty selfish, and honestly thought that we couldn’t get more tired or overworked if we tried. But what if someone came to you with a particular job offer?

A job offer that entailed all your time and attention. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on constant call, with few toilet breaks and even fewer food breaks.
Even later nights, even earlier mornings and absolutely no weekend lie-ins. No extravagant meetings out with colleagues and friends, no fancy clothes, oh and you can forget about washing your hair or applying makeup for the foreseeable future. You would be expected to be the negotiator, nurse, driver , the multitasker , the protector, your sleep would be dictated to by someone else & there would be absolutely no pay. 
Would you take the job? 

What if we told you that the majority of you who are reading this, are currently doing this job…right now…
Yes! You! Mums! The most incredibly hard working, devoted, courageous, compassionate and totally selfless people on this planet. It is YOU…US… who are
doing the hardest job but most rewarding on the planet.
RESPECT πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Congratulations! You're a Brand New Mum! Now What...


Becoming a mother for the first time brings an array of feelings and emotions. From the moment you find out you're pregnant, to the next 9 months filled with joy, excitement, anxiety, fear and most likely several trips to the midwife, panicking over the obscene amount of 'gu' in your knickers (yes, that's correct and admit you know EXACTLY what we mean...). It's a total whirlwind, a magical journey and an absolute blessing. You're suddenly treated like the most precious cargo in the world; people politely offer their seats to you, cook you lovely warm meals, run out at 3am to get you Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough and gaze at you adoringly. 

And then, post pregnancy and labour, the real fun begins. Sorry, let us slightly elaborate on that. When we say 'real', we don't take that lightly. We mean, 'real life', like, the REAL shit. The reality. Becoming a mother for the first time, whether it's something you have planned for years and have had a pinterest board since 2002 collecting all your nursery inspo, you are never really 'prepared.' You THINK you are, and don't get us wrong, you may be very aware of the complete life change that's about to happen, but when it does happen, and you're in the midst of it, it can seriously hit you like bus. In the face. At a very high speed. Yes, it's the most incredible experience in the world and you suddenly find a brand new version of you, someone you probably never knew existed. A less selfish human being who can suddenly cope (just about) on perhaps two hours sleep a night and who bursts into tears when a cute puppy appears on TV, but once we stepped foot out of that hospital, with all its comfort, midwife support and safe four walls, they waved goodbye, the doors closed, we shuffled to the car, brand new wrinkly baby in tow, side planked into the car with our post partum but cushion (our new best friend for the next two weeks) and that was it. It was as if we never existed. We were suddenly left to fend for ourselves and this tiny, tiny little nugget. 

                                      Image result for new baby memes

And honestly, this was one of the biggest shocks we had throughout our whole journey to and during motherhood so far. And whilst we realised that the mundane Post Natal classes were a dud and pretty much only taught us how wide your cervix opens during dilation by using a fist and sleeve as an example... (i'm sure you can picture), what they most definitely didn't care to teach us, was how the f**k to take care of a baby once it arrives and how utterly shite we would feel after labour. 

Every new mum can relate to this topic, that sudden wave of pure fear and panic when you get home. It's not like bringing home your first goldfish that's ok to perhaps not feed for a week...(oops), this is a human life you have to nurture and keep alive. And how effing scary is that? Neither of us knew how to even change a nappy when we brought Delilah and Zack home and spent most of our days on YouTube or googling how to do the basics, constantly calling each other up in states of panic over whether we used the powdered milk correctly, or had burped them long enough. The pair of us would spend the whole night (well, the minutes they weren't awake feeding) staring into their little cots next to our beds, checking they were breathing, checking their temperatures, poking and prodding at them to make sure they were alive (and then they would wake up and and cry and we would instantly regret that decision - but would still continue to do it nightly for weeks on end...) and were constantly questioning our parent abilities. Then the husbands go back to work and you really ARE on your own. 

Don't get us wrong, you do have the occasional midwife drop in (where they come and visit you at your home) during the first few weeks post partum, where they check you and the baby over and you can express any concerns or ask for advice, but within half an hour it's over and they're gone. We just wish that we were pre-warned about the sudden feeling of complete isolation when we first walked through our front doors with our newborns. When the adrenaline runs out and you're hit with the reality of motherhood and don't get us wrong, now that both of ours are over one years old, we have realised just how much we have grown as individuals and can't quite believe what we have achieved as mums when we watch Zack and Delilah play together, and in a way, we do credit that to being thrown into the deep end on our own, but we hear the same thing from every new mum we speak to, that they just WISH they had been taught so much more about their up and coming new lives, before the baby arrived.  

They wish that someone had sat them down and been honest with them.  Perhaps took them out for coffee and said "HAHAHA you wait luv, you're vag is gonna burn like a bonfire, your baby is going to scream for hours on end and you'll have no idea why and put it down to 'colic', you'll forget the last time you washed your hair or how long you've worn your sick stained t-shirt for BUT you will adore this incredible little being you have grown in your belly for so many months," but whilst times may get tough, and you may even question why you were so desperate to have a child in the first place, you will look at your baby and never feel so much pride and joy for something in your life. The sense of overwhelming and all encompassing love you have for your son or daughter is something that is indescribable. And even if it has taken you a few weeks or months to get to that point, you WILL feel it, and you will remind yourself on the days you wish to shut yourself in a padded room, that it's all worth it in the end (preparation or not!)...


Let's Talk Relationships...

Image result for funny husband memes

   Whilst since becoming first time mums, we have spent many a (cold) coffee pouring our tired and confused hearts out to each other over the topics of baby poop, rashes, teething, and whether it's ok that we have given our child fish fingers three meals in a row... (sorry Kale blending Cynthia), one topic of conversation that rarely raises its angry head and seems to be the biggest taboo subject of all new parents (yet is also the most common) is our relationship with our partners. 
The odd occasion we have been with fellow new mothers, whether sitting next to each other on the floor during our mundane baby groups, or opposite each other at a restaurant table, stealthily dodging the flying peas, spoons and other table paraphernalia, just one teeny, tiny moan or groan from any one of us after putting the phone down to our daaaaarling husbands, seems to create an atmosphere ready to explode with an array of verbal diarrhea blasting their other halves. 

It's common (yet rarely discussed) knowledge, that once this teeny, tiny bundle of joy appears, your relationship with your partner can get extremely tested.
But why are we all so ashamed to say so? Don't get us wrong, we love our husbands dearly, however, on top of all the other bits and pieces that they never tell you about post birth, this is by far the one that seems to have caught the cat's tongue the most.

When you come home from that hospital and start your brand new life as a little family, it's only natural that the strains, pressures and stresses of bringing up a brand new human will take its toll on you both. The first few weeks post partum were great (obviously excluding the leaking breasts, throbbing vagina and Frankenstein looking stomach) and it carried on as sweet as pie. Our feet were up and rubbed, mouths were fed and the doting respect we received was beyond. But hark, what changed we ask ourselves now, as we stand with child on hip, sweet potato in hair, scratch marks on our face post baby tantrum and a bleeding foot after stepping on one of those effing musical toys.

You're both snappy, irritable, lacking in sleep, hot coffee's and hot meals, the tensions are rising and you find that you're constantly bickering over what in reality, is beyond trivial. From wiping the baby's bum wrong, to not swaying her correctly, to not shaking the bottle enough to ensure the powder has fully dissolved... the list goes on. And when life starts to go back to 'normal' and your husband goes back to work, the sudden wave of resentment and jealousy comes seeping through your pores. Again, this is all SO NORMAL, and something that ourselves and our fellow mum friends used to discuss pretty much daily. You watch your partner leave the house, all suited and booted, on his way to grab breakfast and coffee and sit at a desk (actually sit), eat his lunch in peace, pee in piece, converse with actual adults and spend a sold 8 hours without being thrown up or shat on. So when he comes home at the end of the day and asks you 'how your day's been?' well we have all been there, whether you burst into tears, storm off, or simply sit there in silence on the sofa, still in last night's pyjamas but with a beautiful sprinkling of sick down your shoulder, the overwhelming feeling of 'it's not fair, why am i stuck at home feeling like I've been hit by a bus' consumes you. And again, we are here to say, this is all so normal.

With arguments ranging from 'who has had more sleep?' to 'who has had the most hot coffee's today?' to 'who gets to get dressed and go out' or 'who will be getting up in the night?' 'who is making the milk?' 'who's more exhausted?' it can become a battle and daily competition with your other half, as you both try to find your feet in the parenting world. And you soon come to learn and realise, that it's no longer about yourself or you both as a couple anymore, and that you are now last in the food chain and that it's all about learning to find the balance.

So whilst us new mums struggle to feel ourselves and can feel totally lost in the first few months of motherood, desperately trying to re find our identity, the dads can feel very pushed out, and as if they are no longer the centre of our universe.

Lack of communication, exhaustion and entering a brand new, scary world, is what it all comes down to at the end of the day, and is something that the majority of us new parents will experience or have already. Just know, that whatever you may be going through with your partner since the birth of your baby/babies, is pretty much like an initiation to parenthood... and we have ALL been there. 

So what's the issue exactly? Why are we all so worried to say that our marriages went a leeeetle bit Pete Tong since the birth of our children? Because we guarantee you, that 90% of the mums you speak to or see on a regular basis, will damn well tell you that they feel the same, and are probably desperate to talk about it. Well that's why we are here, and why we set up this blog and our Instagram account. We are here to get the ball rolling AND TALK ABOUT IT. And to reassure you all that you are never alone :)


Your packing list when travelling with babies

What to Pack When Travelling With Your baby

Travelling with your baby looks pretty glossy on Instagram doesn't it? Well, sorry to burst your pretty, snot free Insta worthy bubble, but it's actually bloody hard and stressful and one of the most stressful parts, is what to pack! We have created a list of our must haves for travelling with your little one, along with some tips for all of you travelling with a baby for the first time. 

We both went on holiday to Mallorca for three weeks over the summer, so have a pretty good idea of what is necessary, what isn't and what you MUST have and what you must not waste your packing time on.

The Airport 


Here is a video we created when we first travelled with them when they were around 3 months old.
Yes it's very over the top, and no we didn't use it all, but were neurotic first time mums so thats what we do! 

To recap you need
Milk, Bottles, Nappies, Muslins, Bibs, Water wipes, Nappy sacks, Changing matt, 3 spare changes of clothes for the baby and one for you (trust us on this one...)! Toys, Calpol, Bonjela, food pouches & iPad.

1 years old and over 

-Travel Buggy! Our favourite is the Britax, It's compact and even fits in the overhead! (Yaaasss!) You would have to check the length with your airline, as for some airlines it's slightly long, but it was perfect for the airport. 

We did still take our Citi Mini for the actual trip, but we checked it in with our luggage which you can do for free. We used this buggy for the airport and to go through customs with, as you don't get your big buggy back until you get your luggage on the other side. It's also great If you just want something really lightweight to take down to the beach and to breakfast. 
It doesn't have a recline, so for naps and night-time sleeps we used our Citi Mini. 

 Inside your baby bag 

-Nappies (Think double)
-Changing matt
-Nappy sacks
- Water 
-Food pouches 
-Comfort Blanket & Dummy
- Teething gel
-Change of clothes for the baby 

For holiday 

- Pyjamas (short and long)- 1 tog sleep bag (and thinner or even thicker depending on the temperature of you room) - Snooze shade (This is our favourite thing, like, ever...)

- Portable fan- sun cream - Aveeno moisturiser/wash - Cot bed sheets - dummy & comfort blanket - sun hats- mosquito repellent - calpol / nurofen - thermometer - milton wipes - wipes - swim nappies - insect repellent for room- teething gel- toothbrush and toothpaste - iPad holder - pool rubber ring - portable bowls - spoons - antihistamine - monitor



Sleep... The thing that we took for granted before we had our babies. We didn't realise how much we needed or missed our sleep, until we were suddenly feeding our baby every three hours throughout the day and night. After a caesarean and viginal birth, we thought we would be pampered and waited on hand and foot until fully recovered, but oh how we were wrong! 

With no time to actually register what had just happened, we were thrown into the deep end, winging our way through motherhood and taking care of a brand new, wrinkly little human. And the biggest killer out of everything, was 100% the lack of sleep. How were we supposed to be solely responsible for another human being when we were totally and utterly exhausted!!! 

At around 4 months, both babies managed to get into a good routine where they were sleeping through the night. However, recently they have both turned 1 and suddenly started randomly waking up in the night all over again,  and over the past few weeks, Zack has been waking every 3 hours! *face palm* so this time round, rather than trying to figure it out ourselves, we called in the professionals! On this week's podcast, we have a chat with Rosey from Just Chill Baby Sleep, where she gives us some great tips on how to get our darling little ones into a fabulous sleep routine! We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, please feel free to message us! 

Holly & Sophie  


A message for new mums

The term “one of those days” is often used by mums all around the world, and once you hear a fellow mama utter those syllables, you instantly know they are having a shitty day. We all have them, they’re part of being a mum and learning how to cope and get through them is what will make us better mothers. So for any of you who are having one of those days, you got this! We never went to school to learn how to be a mum, we’re simply teaching ourselves day by day and to be quite honest, we don’t get enough credit for it, simply because we’re “women” and are supposed to and expected be able to just get on with it, with no issues or gratitude. Well ladies - reality check here, it’s bloody hard! And you’re all doing a fu**ing amazing job! So give yourself a round of applause and get your hubby to rub those aching feet that have run around after your offspring all day πŸ‘πŸΌ
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