Sleep... The thing that we took for granted before we had our babies. We didn't realise how much we needed or missed our sleep, until we were suddenly feeding our baby every three hours throughout the day and night. After a caesarean and viginal birth, we thought we would be pampered and waited on hand and foot until fully recovered, but oh how we were wrong! 

With no time to actually register what had just happened, we were thrown into the deep end, winging our way through motherhood and taking care of a brand new, wrinkly little human. And the biggest killer out of everything, was 100% the lack of sleep. How were we supposed to be solely responsible for another human being when we were totally and utterly exhausted!!! 

At around 4 months, both babies managed to get into a good routine where they were sleeping through the night. However, recently they have both turned 1 and suddenly started randomly waking up in the night all over again,  and over the past few weeks, Zack has been waking every 3 hours! *face palm* so this time round, rather than trying to figure it out ourselves, we called in the professionals! On this week's podcast, we have a chat with Rosey from Just Chill Baby Sleep, where she gives us some great tips on how to get our darling little ones into a fabulous sleep routine! We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, please feel free to message us! 

Holly & Sophie  


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