The Sh*t No One Talks About - Our Uncensored Podcast

We're sick and tired of living in this picture perfect world where people feel as though they can't be honest about what really goes on. Not just in motherhood, but in life. Nothing and no-one is perfect and motherhood is a good place to start. There's so much pressure on us to fit the "Instagram worthy mum" stereotype and the truth is, there is no such thing! 

On our uncensored podcast we cover everything from your relationship with your partner after babies, absolutely crapping yourself when you brought the baby home from the hospital, anxiety as a new mum, sleep deprivation and much more. 

What we love about podcasts is you can listen when you're driving, loading the dishwasher, getting ready to go out, feeding your baby or having some "me time" so we hope you enjoy and that  they make you feel a little more human! 

Sophie & Holly x


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