A message for new mums

The term “one of those days” is often used by mums all around the world, and once you hear a fellow mama utter those syllables, you instantly know they are having a shitty day. We all have them, they’re part of being a mum and learning how to cope and get through them is what will make us better mothers. So for any of you who are having one of those days, you got this! We never went to school to learn how to be a mum, we’re simply teaching ourselves day by day and to be quite honest, we don’t get enough credit for it, simply because we’re “women” and are supposed to and expected be able to just get on with it, with no issues or gratitude. Well ladies - reality check here, it’s bloody hard! And you’re all doing a fu**ing amazing job! So give yourself a round of applause and get your hubby to rub those aching feet that have run around after your offspring all day 👏🏼

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