Your packing list when travelling with babies

What to Pack When Travelling With Your baby

Travelling with your baby looks pretty glossy on Instagram doesn't it? Well, sorry to burst your pretty, snot free Insta worthy bubble, but it's actually bloody hard and stressful and one of the most stressful parts, is what to pack! We have created a list of our must haves for travelling with your little one, along with some tips for all of you travelling with a baby for the first time. 

We both went on holiday to Mallorca for three weeks over the summer, so have a pretty good idea of what is necessary, what isn't and what you MUST have and what you must not waste your packing time on.

The Airport 


Here is a video we created when we first travelled with them when they were around 3 months old.
Yes it's very over the top, and no we didn't use it all, but were neurotic first time mums so thats what we do! 

To recap you need
Milk, Bottles, Nappies, Muslins, Bibs, Water wipes, Nappy sacks, Changing matt, 3 spare changes of clothes for the baby and one for you (trust us on this one...)! Toys, Calpol, Bonjela, food pouches & iPad.

1 years old and over 

-Travel Buggy! Our favourite is the Britax, It's compact and even fits in the overhead! (Yaaasss!) You would have to check the length with your airline, as for some airlines it's slightly long, but it was perfect for the airport. 

We did still take our Citi Mini for the actual trip, but we checked it in with our luggage which you can do for free. We used this buggy for the airport and to go through customs with, as you don't get your big buggy back until you get your luggage on the other side. It's also great If you just want something really lightweight to take down to the beach and to breakfast. 
It doesn't have a recline, so for naps and night-time sleeps we used our Citi Mini. 

 Inside your baby bag 

-Nappies (Think double)
-Changing matt
-Nappy sacks
- Water 
-Food pouches 
-Comfort Blanket & Dummy
- Teething gel
-Change of clothes for the baby 

For holiday 

- Pyjamas (short and long)- 1 tog sleep bag (and thinner or even thicker depending on the temperature of you room) - Snooze shade (This is our favourite thing, like, ever...)

- Portable fan- sun cream - Aveeno moisturiser/wash - Cot bed sheets - dummy & comfort blanket - sun hats- mosquito repellent - calpol / nurofen - thermometer - milton wipes - wipes - swim nappies - insect repellent for room- teething gel- toothbrush and toothpaste - iPad holder - pool rubber ring - portable bowls - spoons - antihistamine - monitor


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