Since both becoming mothers, as we continuously mention within our Instagram posts; our lives have completely flipped upside down. Our weeks are spent trying to fill our days with things to do in order to occupy, stimulate and entertain the little ones, and at the same time keep ourselves busy and force ourselves to actually get dressed and at least try to look semi decent. 

One thing that we have both come to realise over the last 17 months, is just how overwhelming, noisy, sightly scary, bloody boring at times, and actually rather intimidating all these baby classes are. There is already enough pressure on mums these days to be the 'perfect parent', whether it be their diet, their development, their hair growth (yes.. this is an actual thing) what clothes their wearing and everything else in between. So when they are eventually old enough to start attending baby groups because Sally next door said it is 'vital for their mental growth,' you instantly start panic booking as many as you can, and obviously desperately trying to make sure that they are all the same ones as your fellow mum friends.

Don't get us wrong, it is actually pretty adorable watching their little faces light up with excitement when they enter the room, and once you're there, it really does bring you joy as a parent to watch, but sometimes you just really can't be assed for it all. 

Maybe we are wrong? Maybe we are just the odd ones out who think this, but either way, we are sure that there are mums out there that pretend to act excited for the weekly play group. And we KNOW there are mums that turn up unwashed, perhaps even in the same clothes as the day before, and daydreaming of hot coffee throughout the 45 minute duration of nursery rhymes, bubbles and soggy, chewed up, hand, foot & mouth diseased prop explosion. 

#BadMums..... #ParentingTruths 


Britax Römer dualfix m i-Size car seat review

We have tried THREE different car seats since the babies were born (yes... three...) and when we were sent these car seats from Britax we were so excited, as we had only ever heard great things about this particular model, the DUALFIX M i-SIZE. And we were definitely not let down! 

The Britax car seat is by far the best one we have come across (and it has taken a while...) So we are relieved to know that we have this until the kids are at least 4 years old! 

Starting from 3months, the Britax DUALFIX M i-SIZE has everything you would dream of in a car seat and we are obsessed!! (Wow, gone are the days of getting excited over a new pair of shoes or coat). 

We both recently took a trip up North to see family and were anxious about the long journey and Zack and Delilah being uncomfortable and agitated, but they were so happy in the car seat, fell asleep for ages (and comfortably!) and definitely seemed to enjoy the additional space. 

We filmed a review for you guys to see just how fancy and fabulous they are, and how easy to use!


Our fave things about the Britax DUALFIX M i-SIZE are:

- 360 degree rotation
- v shaped head rest
- multi recline positions
- deep protective side wings 
- spacial 

Head on over to www.britax-roemer.co.uk for further info 

Winter Coats

With the winter coming, we thought we would let you guys know our favourite coats for the babies as we enter the festive season. So we have looked high and low to bring you our top picks and they are all linked below;


Zara faux fur  £24.99
(Paired with dark, denim jeans and a jumper, we wish they made this in adult size!)

(A hooded puffa is always a must during the winter season, and being in the most adorable dusty pink colour, makes it than even more spesh)

(Sorry but, NEED - and with this trendy design, this is going straight in the shopping basket)


(A Parka is a must, and paired with some trendy jeans and long sleeved stripey T, this is the perfect one!)

(Army & camouflage is a print we are OBSESSED with - which means that this will be going straight on Zack the second we receive it) 

(With a Gucci-esque design, we are loving this gorge hooded bomber style jacket)

(Sophie is obsessed with the colour blue at the moment, so this will most certainly be on her Christmas gift list) 


(Sorry but, we would actually wear this ourselves. Paired with black cargo jeans and baby Timbs, we can already picture the cuteness of this outfit) 



(The perfect coat for a day out with the fam) 

(And for something a little 'extra', this gorge little Dolce & Gabbana style bomber was one of those 'OMG' moments when we found it)

(The suavest of the suave...  with a 'Burberry' feel, this is the perfect coat for a special occasion)


(The second we found this jacket for D, we have been desperately searching for a matching style for Holly!)

(Metallics styled correctly, are literally to die for. Pair this with a simple, yet cute outfit, and let the jacket do the talking) 

(This is going straight on Holly's Christmas list. We can't even cope... we don't even know what to say...) 

(Hello Burberry babe - and that is all that needs to be said about this divine mac) 


(We only recently discovered Matalan, and we have been obsessed ever since)


(The pink, furry hood just speaks to us) 



Champagne Breakfast with Life Of Mummies and Sleep Consultant Rosey

We are VERY excited to announce our first ever champagne breakfast coming up in November! This is something we have both been discussing and planning for a while; creating a place for mums to come and unwind, offload and have some all important 'me' time. With various topics ranging from, sex after babies, relationships, weaning and plenty more, it's a chance for us all to be honest, real and openly discuss the TRUTHS  when it comes to motherhood. The opportunity to admit the lack of sexual contact, large saggy tits you definitely didn't sign up for, lack of bladder control and arguments with your partner over who's more tired and who's doing the night feeds, we have created an environment for you all to feel at ease, vent away and never feel judged.

Our first champagne breakfast will be held on the 18th November and will cover the topic of sleep (ah a distant memory) and will be hosted by ourselves and the fabulous Rosey from Just Chill Baby Sleep. We hope that all your sleep questions and queries will be answered and we look forward to seeing you soon with a glass of bubbly in your hand! 

For event details and tickets click here 

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