Britax Römer dualfix m i-Size car seat review

We have tried THREE different car seats since the babies were born (yes... three...) and when we were sent these car seats from Britax we were so excited, as we had only ever heard great things about this particular model, the DUALFIX M i-SIZE. And we were definitely not let down! 

The Britax car seat is by far the best one we have come across (and it has taken a while...) So we are relieved to know that we have this until the kids are at least 4 years old! 

Starting from 3months, the Britax DUALFIX M i-SIZE has everything you would dream of in a car seat and we are obsessed!! (Wow, gone are the days of getting excited over a new pair of shoes or coat). 

We both recently took a trip up North to see family and were anxious about the long journey and Zack and Delilah being uncomfortable and agitated, but they were so happy in the car seat, fell asleep for ages (and comfortably!) and definitely seemed to enjoy the additional space. 

We filmed a review for you guys to see just how fancy and fabulous they are, and how easy to use!


Our fave things about the Britax DUALFIX M i-SIZE are:

- 360 degree rotation
- v shaped head rest
- multi recline positions
- deep protective side wings 
- spacial 

Head on over to for further info 


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