Champagne Breakfast with Life Of Mummies and Sleep Consultant Rosey

We are VERY excited to announce our first ever champagne breakfast coming up in November! This is something we have both been discussing and planning for a while; creating a place for mums to come and unwind, offload and have some all important 'me' time. With various topics ranging from, sex after babies, relationships, weaning and plenty more, it's a chance for us all to be honest, real and openly discuss the TRUTHS  when it comes to motherhood. The opportunity to admit the lack of sexual contact, large saggy tits you definitely didn't sign up for, lack of bladder control and arguments with your partner over who's more tired and who's doing the night feeds, we have created an environment for you all to feel at ease, vent away and never feel judged.

Our first champagne breakfast will be held on the 18th November and will cover the topic of sleep (ah a distant memory) and will be hosted by ourselves and the fabulous Rosey from Just Chill Baby Sleep. We hope that all your sleep questions and queries will be answered and we look forward to seeing you soon with a glass of bubbly in your hand! 

For event details and tickets click here 


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