Since both becoming mothers, as we continuously mention within our Instagram posts; our lives have completely flipped upside down. Our weeks are spent trying to fill our days with things to do in order to occupy, stimulate and entertain the little ones, and at the same time keep ourselves busy and force ourselves to actually get dressed and at least try to look semi decent. 

One thing that we have both come to realise over the last 17 months, is just how overwhelming, noisy, sightly scary, bloody boring at times, and actually rather intimidating all these baby classes are. There is already enough pressure on mums these days to be the 'perfect parent', whether it be their diet, their development, their hair growth (yes.. this is an actual thing) what clothes their wearing and everything else in between. So when they are eventually old enough to start attending baby groups because Sally next door said it is 'vital for their mental growth,' you instantly start panic booking as many as you can, and obviously desperately trying to make sure that they are all the same ones as your fellow mum friends.

Don't get us wrong, it is actually pretty adorable watching their little faces light up with excitement when they enter the room, and once you're there, it really does bring you joy as a parent to watch, but sometimes you just really can't be assed for it all. 

Maybe we are wrong? Maybe we are just the odd ones out who think this, but either way, we are sure that there are mums out there that pretend to act excited for the weekly play group. And we KNOW there are mums that turn up unwashed, perhaps even in the same clothes as the day before, and daydreaming of hot coffee throughout the 45 minute duration of nursery rhymes, bubbles and soggy, chewed up, hand, foot & mouth diseased prop explosion. 

#BadMums..... #ParentingTruths 


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