Kid's Christmas Gift Guide

Here is our 'must have' Christmas gift guide for all your gorgeous little bubbas! Below are a roundup of products we honestly feel are the best buys for your little ones, from newborns to toddlers! Each and every one has been tried and tested by us, so happy shopping and Merry Christmas! xx 

Pyjamas and Sets 

If you're looking for the perfect cosy pyjamas, two piece set or a fabulous sleep bag, we urge you to look no further than Baby Mori. Known for their ethically sourced, organic pieces, they really are the perfect gifts from newborn to toddler. Oh, and their new festive range is to die for... see for yourself. We recently bought Zack and Delilah some of their sleep sacks and they are SO cosy, plus you can have their name or initials put on them which we love. 

Baby Mori

Cosy Hats

These gorgeous little hats are a great stocking filler, we both have one for Zack and Delilah and love them! They're perfect for the chilly winter months and look absolutely adorable. 

Personalised Piano 

Making memories are a new company who do the most gorgeous pieces! And if your kids are particularly into music, and you're happy to listen to a lot of loud noise and not exactly pitch perfect notes, we highly recommend this insanely cute mini piano that Sophie's Zack has. We guarantee it will bring a lot of fun to the house! 

Play Kitchens

We both love a role play set for Zack and Delilah, from kitchens to market stalls to play houses, so if any of you have toddlers and are stuck on what to buy to keep them entertained and help with their development, we have spotted a  great selection of all the above and more! We have listed a couple of our favourites below. 

Bean Bag Chairs

We both recently came across a bean bag chair for the kids, and ever since, we have had so many messages from you all asking where we purchased them from! They are so cute and so handy, so we did a little research and came across this particular one from My 1st Years which is slightly different, but utterly adorable! And what's even better, is you can have it personalised! 
My 1st Years


Since Zack and Delilah have been walking, we have realised the importance of wellies, especially during the winter. Again, we clearly have a love for My 1st Years because they do this special personalised pair. 


So we already mentioned this rather fabulous discounted website, Get The Label,  on our mum's Christmas Gift Guide, and what's even better, is that they also have shoes for kids! From Adidas, to Reebok, to Puma, they have the trendiest of trainers available, but be quick!! As they sell out quickly!  Oh and just a little extra treat for ya'll, use code LOM10 for an extra 10% discount. You're welcome. 
Get the label

Table and Chairs se

Something we have noticed both Zack and Delilah seem to love, is a little table and chairs set. Ever since they started nursery together, they love eating and playing at the one provided in their classroom. Both of us even had one when we were growing up! If you are a mum of a toddler, then we highly recommend purchasing this! It is something that we reckon they will use for years and years! Here are a few of our favourites 

My 1st Years - Because who doesn't want cute bunny chairs with their name on ? 

This particular one from Smart Kid Store is adorable and comes in a very smart grey colour. 

We also love this pink one, which is now reduced to only £56! It also comes in grey and blue.


And who doesn't love a gorgeous pair of warm, fluffy, cosy slippers? We found the most adorable pair of sheepskin ones from Rae Feather, with the option to personalise! And as you can probably tell, we love a bit of personalisation. 

Bath & bedtime products 

Aveeno dermexa range 

As the winter months are well and truly here, our skin tends to get dry and the same applies for the babies. This new range from Aveeno is the perfect moisturiser for them, and especially great for eczema prone babies. 

  • Clinically proven to help restore the skin barrier in just one week
  • with avenanthramides (oat essence), known for their calming properties
  • with ceramides, know to rebuild core elements of the epidermis
  • also suitable for babies who may be prone to eczema


Johnson's Baby sleepy range

Johnson's is one of those renowned baby brands that we all know and love, so when we found out about their gorgeous bedtime range that has been clinically proven to help settle your baby into a nightly routine and sleep better (and also smells divine by the way) we were so excited to give it a go and it definitely didn't disappoint!

Childs Farm

We both started using Childs Farm from when they were first born, as we had heard that their range was great for eczema prone skin (Delilah has eczema flare ups). So we highly recommend their gorgeous top-to-toesie cleaning gift set.


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