So Who Are The Real Superheroes?

Superheroes were the epitome of our youthful imagination. They were our childhood escape, the people we looked up to; they created such a magical world that we always wished we could be a part of. Then you get older and learn that superheroes are just a figment of our imagination, and a wonderful story. But just that - a story. 

But what we have both realised since becoming parents, is that there has always been a surperhero in our lives. An actual real life, all human superhero, that has been there to fight our battles, give us strength and guide us through life's journey. Someone who has always put themselves last and us first. 

These superheroes are magical multi-taskers, carers, feeders, teachers, and everything in-between. And they are mums!! 

So this post is for all the mums out there that may be having one of those insecure, depleted, and toddler challenged days. The mums that doubt themselves and even at times question why they got themselves into this messy, unpredictable and challenging circumstance in the first place! 

YOU are the REAL superheroes of the world. 


Whether you're a stay at home mum, a working mum, the PTA mum, the do a little bit of everything mum. The multitasking, swept off your feet, 100 mile an hour mum. Whether you have one child, two, three, or a whole bloody bunch, these are the reasons you are a superhero, and why you should stand tall and proud:

  • You take care of the home
  • You take care of the husband/partner
  • You take care of the kids
  • You take care of the dog, the rabbit, the guinea pig, the 6 fish (and occasionally yourself if time allows it)
  • You frantically, yet with such organised precision, prepare your kids for nursery/school/the day ahead
  • You get yourself ready in the midst of all the madness (even if that means shoving your greasy hair up in a bun and throwing on yesterday's jumper)
  • You speed to your part time job/speed through your daily duties 
  • You take the dog for a walk
  • You prepare the meals for everyone (whilst you eat the scraps) 
  • You get through the busy, loud, messy lunch and play dates
  • You nurse your kids back to health when they're poorly
  • You teach them, provide for them and guide them
  • You help with their homework
  • You make sure they are always happy
  • You teach them morals and right from wrong
  • You put them to bed and then spend the evening tidying up the day's chaotic tornado in the house
  • And everything else ... 

And you SMASH it, every damn day. Somehow, through all the tears, tantrums, mess, play dates, meal times, business meetings, work calls, lack of sleep, lack of energy and more often than not, lack of food and drink, you power your way through every day with the incredible, superhuman skills you have learnt since becoming a mum. 

And they say that women are the weaker sex... LOL  

So the reason we wanted to write this blog post, was to make sure we reminded all you mamas out there, that YOU run the world, and everything in between. Without you, let's be honest here, the world would pretty much fall to shit.

WE SALUTE YOU! (and ourselves...) 


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