The Make Up We Can't Live Without

We’ve recently been getting a lot of questions about the makeup we use, so we thought it only fair we film a little video for you guys, to show you our ‘quick fix, go-to’ makeup products that we can’t live without when we are running short of time during the week. (We will film a full on glam video for you soon, too! 
Showing you how we achieve our weekend, mum’s night off look :D ) 

We hope you enjoy! And feel free to ask any questions xx

Sophie - Nars Flawless Finish 
Holly - L'oreal tinted CC Cream 

Sophie - Charlotte Tilbury Magic Wand 
Holly - RMS Beauty Concealer 

Sophie - Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish
Holly - Laura Mercier translucent powder

Bronzer and contour
Sophie - Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit 
Holly - Anastasia Beverly Hill, in Saddle

Sophie - Nars Orgasm 
Holly - Rimmel London max blush 

Sophie - Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand 
Holly - Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit 

Sophie - Charlotte Tilbury full fat lashes
Holly - L'oreal volume million lashes

Eyebrow pencil 
Both - Charlotte tilbury brow lift

Both - Mehr by Mac 

The Second Year So Far and What We Have Learnt

So here we are, 20 months down the line, with 20 months of experience. 20 months of 'We Got This' and 'Sh*t...No We Don'ts.' 20 months of pure bliss and pure WTAF moments. 


Whilst we may feel much more the wiser, and let's face it... walk around with a bit of sassy pants, mamma pride on our shoulders, let us tell you, this second year of motherhood, and dealing with a toddler AIN'T easy. Yes, it's hilarious and at times rewarding, and utterly adorable, but it's one hell of a tantrum tidal wave of snot-fessed and manipulative (on both parts) pit of anxiety and lessons learnt. 

Lesson number one

Stop fighting it - if you're out at restaurant and desperately trying to enjoy a hot meal and coffee, whilst also desperately trying to calm a screaming toddler at the table who is throwing every single piece of table paraphernalia at you, STOP trying to do both. Just give them the damn phone, give them bl**dy snacks, give them whatever the friggin' need to get some peace and quiet. Screw the stares and the tuts of your disapproving audience, it's 2019 people. End OF.


Lesson number two

No matter how much love and effort you put into making your children meals, 8 times out of 10, you know it's going to end up on the floor, in your hair, or down both yourself and the baby's clothes. AND please do not bother giving yourself a hard time if you find yourself shoving chicken nuggets and chips on their plate every day, or ready-made microwave meals, because let's face it,  - give a sh*t - if they're gonna eat it, hallelujah - so just let them get on with it.

Lesson number three

Sleep will probably never be the same again - and THAT is something we have only just come to terms with. You think that once you pass the newborn stage, you have struck gold and finally get at least a solid 6 hours sleep in the bag, but lo and behold, this is not the case. Something we have both come to realise, is that there are always lots of lovely, little sleep surprises lurking around the corner. 'Developmental phases' 'teething' 'night terrors' something and everything that will disturb your child's sleep every few weeks. So we have learnt to appreciate every lovely, undisturbed hour of sleep we get during the night, and NEVER to brag about 'our perfect sleeping angels' ever again... 

Lesson number four

You finally become accustomed to the term 'It's a phase' and those three words are the answer to EVERYTHING. They are the three words that basically allow you to kind of ignore and block out any potential unanswered questions that you have about your toddler, and somewhat gives you an excuse for their behaviour when all else fails... 

Lesson number five

Buying copious amounts of toys for your toddler, is just a total and utter waste of time and money. They would much rather play with (or hide) your car keys, remote control, Amazon box, steal your pens and draw all over the walls, and pretty much anything else they're not supposed to do. So that giant market stall/toy car/dressing table/ etc etc etc that you're about to purchase, don't bother... :D 

Lesson number 6

In the words of Frozen , Let it go!  It's so hard to accept help and it's taken us all this time to realise that when it's offered, take it! Don't be to proud, you're an amazing mum and letting someone else help, doesn't show weakness or incapability, it shows that you are WISE and at the end of the day, that help could make you look more human that day and enable you to have a shower or grab a HOT coffee! Your baby will always be your baby so take it while the offer is there. 

Lesson number 7

You will never feel love like it ( soz husband ) no matter how stressful your day may be, when your little one falls asleep on your shoulder or stops and gives you a cuddle, everything seems to disappear. You learn to be patient when all you want to do is stop the car and scream, you learn how to share all of your favourite foods. How to be the nurse, security guard, protecter and you learn how to put yourself last ( something we never thought we would do ) and most importantly you learn how to be the best version of yourself. 

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