First Trimester

Here We Go Again!

When we both fell pregnant with Zack and Delilah around the same time, it was such an exciting shock and an incredible experience.  We felt so blessed to be able to share the journey together and go through every up and down, phase and milestone and be by each's others side through it all.

So when we both decided we were ready for our second baby, we agreed to try our hardest to avoid any pressure, avoid too many questions and just go with our own flow. And to our utter amazement, we both fell pregnant at the exact same difference in weeks as last time!! EXACT! It was like something from a film and we are both so appreciative to be on this journey again together. 

Our first trimester this time round has definitely been different to the first. We both have felt extreme nausea and exhaustion and spent many afternoons in bed or laying on the sofa, cancelling plans and falling asleep in the middle of the day without even realising, only to be woken up by a cold, wet tip of a felt pen as were used as human drawing boards... Of course having a toddler to run around after didn't exactly help with the symptoms we were experiencing as there is pretty much no time to relax and take a breather, but at the same time, they were also a massive distraction and half the time we would forget we were even pregnant until a wave of nausea hit us and we were running for the biscuit tin or smearing copious amounts of peanut butter on thick white bread...

Along with the above, we both also suffered from constipation (which definitely isn't fun...) headaches and dizziness. It was like we were hungover daily. It was definitely harder to hide this time around, as we couldn't hide out at our offices or work during the week and then lie about being sooo busy on the weekend, as we had two year olds to occupy from Monday to Friday! So dragging ourselves to play dates when all we wanted to do is sit down and find a bucket to wretch into, was definitely not an easy thing to hide! 

But here we are now!! Sophie 13 weeks along and Holly 18. We are so excited for what's to come and will continue to update you on our pregnancy journey together and promise to be as real and honest as possible! From symptoms, to personal feelings to our new nursery decor and product preferences, we will be covering it all.

So for now, thanks so much for the incredible reaction to our recent announcement posts and please feel free to ask us any questions, or provide us with any tips when it comes to the second pregnancy! 

Big kisses xx


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