Hi I'm Holly ( left ) & I'm Sophie ( right) we are two best mates and totally over the top, neurotic, 30 year old girls, who like Peter Pan still do NOT want to grow up. Our lives pre babies consisted of nice dinners out, being fashion crazy, buying a new outfit every week, lavish holidays, taking as much time as we needed to get ready on a morning and the most amount of responsibility we had was feeding the fish & getting to work on time. 

We fell pregnant at the same time, and went through everything together; the most amazing moments but also the most anxious momentsWhen the babies arrived, this life changing experience that slapped us in the face with a whirlwind of leaking breasts, throbbing private parts, greasy hair and a screaming new human we were now solely responsible for, our life flipped upside down. This was our new life... but were we prepared? NO. 

Our babies were born 3 weeks apart, Holly had a natural birth and Sophie had a cesarean so we had very different experiences. As soon as they arrived, the late night messaging continued, asking each other everything under the sun, “how do we make them sleep?” “How much do we feed them?” “Will we ever feel human again?” neither of us actually knew the answers (and to be honest, still don’t) 😂

We decided to create ‘life of mummies’ as a platform for all new mums to follow and relate to, simply because we felt and still feel, such a lack of honesty, truth, sense of humour and in some way support, as new mums. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true that suddenly your life is turned upside down, you aren’t the priority anymore and things that you took for granted ie- showering, going to the damn toilet, brushing your hair etc, become royalties and oh so appreciated. However through all the blood, sweat, poop, sick and tears (theirs and ours ...), we have also found ourselves laughing. and growing together, experiencing and learning things we never knew we could .

So here we are! Ready to review all the must have baby products for you, vet the one’s you’re unsure about, truthfully blog about the journey of parenting, post the odd ‘instal-worthy’ picture, but promise to be totally honest along the way! It’s time to open up the flood gates to the REALITY of motherhood, and the doors for all mums to come too when they feel like they need a break, want to have a laugh (or a cry...) and to realise that we are all in the same boat, and are all doing an amazing job!

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